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Company Name: ANEST-Associazione Nazionale Energia Solare Termodinamica
Company Address: "Viale Monza, 291 20126 Milano" 20126 Milano
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Type of Membership: Full member
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  • National or Regional Association
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ANEST, the Italian Solar Thermal Energy Association (Associazione Nazionale Energia Solare Termodinamica), is a non-profit association, founded in 2009 by some very important Italian operators, which are involved in the development of the CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) technology for the Thermal and Electrical energy production. ANEST represents partners towards public institutions, administrations and in the economic and political settings, on both national and international scale. ANEST was created in order to support the Italian debate and the development of CSP technology, in a specific period of growth, that could be potentially aligned to the positive trend, already achieved by some international operators (Spain and United States), in terms of economic development, impact at occupational level and in the technological progress.