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The Institute operates under the aegis of the Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation (CREF), which is governed by a Board of Trustees, comprised of leading personalities of the international academic, political and business world. The creation of The Cyprus Institute (CyI), a novel, internationally recognized research institution, is the tangible manifestation of the Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation’s vision to help transform Cyprus into a knowledge-based economy, and in doing so to advance the welfare of the island and the region. Today, the Institute is a world-class research and technology institution, carrying out pioneering research programs involving cutting-edge high throughput technologies, in order to address problems of regional as well as international significance. At the same time, it provides training for future researchers and scholars through its high quality doctoral programs. The first research centre of CyI, founded in 2007 in partnership with MIT, is the Energy, Environment and Water Research Centre (EEWRC). Within it, an energy Division has been operating since 2010 and is one of the two largest groups in EEWRC and the Institute, along with the Environment and Climate Change Group. During its early formative years EEWRC has made rapid progress in its fields of competence, e.g., providing evidence that the EMME is a climate change “hotspot” and identifying the utilization of solar energy as a field in which research will be developed with huge potential for innovation. It has also developed and pursued an innovative concept for the co-generation of electricity and desalinated seawater via concentrated solar power. The research agenda of CyI and EEWRC has been nationally and regionally embedded through strong bilateral and EU collaborations to address adaptation to climate change and the restructuring of energy systems in the country. The Cyprus Institute possesses and is developing significant infrastructure and facilities in the field of Solar Thermal Energy technologies, and it is in the process of significantly expanding its research team.