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Company Name: CTAER
Company Address: Paraje Retamares, s/n 04200 Tabernas - Almeria
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Type of Membership: Associate Member
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  • Research Institution
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CTAER’s main objective is to contribute to a greater use of renewable energy through research, technology development, transfer, innovation, dissemination and training, in proper and others projects, promoting the improvement of the competitiveness of the enterprises and the social and environmental benefits associated with the use of these energy sources. To become an essential and dynamic element of the “science, technological and business system” in Andalusia, Spain and Europe, allowing us to be the international forefront in innovation, technological development and the training field on renewable energies. Organization´s values: · To benefit society through the generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge in energy. · Focus on excellence in research, innovation and technological development. · Commitment to sustainable development and efficient use of natural resources · Transparency in its management · Commitment to quality · Collaboration and cooperation with others · Equal treatment and opportunities, regardless of gender, race or beliefs The priority line of solar research focuses on solar thermal power technologies that are currently on demand by a burgeoning industry, scientifically based in Spain, especially in Andalusia, and led by Spanish companies with great prospects for expansion in other countries. The aim of this priority research line is to contribute to greater performance, reduce costs and water consumption, develop more efficient and affordable storage systems, designing new plant concepts (variable geometry, hybridization, mixed), and ensure greater accuracy and reliability of data from direct radiation.